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Squeegy all wet surfaces

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I've had OCD tendencies for most of my life I think.

The worst was when I went through an excessive hand washing stage where I developed a skin problem as a result which still flares up if I get too much soap/cleaning products/etc on my hands, not on the backs of my hands but my palms.

Anyway, the latest thing I'm doing is I'm at it every day drying wet surfaces with a squeegy, I do the walls of the shower, the mirror and the windows of the bathroom each time I shower, and every morning I check and do all the windows that have condensation. On the one hand it's fun, it's soothing and know it will make it less likely to get mold in the house. But on the other hand it seems a bit obsessive.

Anyone else do this type of thing?

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I squeegy the shower and wet surfaces in the bathroom every day. Every shower actually. And then I spray this sparkle stuff that keeps it clean till next time. I find it soothing.

At present, I am going insane because the house is untidy and there are cooking smells from dinner in the air. I hate that. It is winter so opening the windows has left me freezing cold, but I had no other options.

I think I need to sleep soon.


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