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My Best Friend w/ Asperger's Wants Some Help

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my best friend has asperger's. he told me that he doesn't like his tendancy to over-analyze, and wants to break from that and stop the habit. he asked me how to do that, or what other people with asperger's would do to break that habit, since it seems to him to be a part of his disorder.

so, how do you go about changing your thought patterns this way? any ideas?

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I have the same problem too, and I think actually that a lot of depressives, as well as BPs in the depressive phase, might do this too (YMWV). Maybe not as much, though, I'd not be surprised if auties did this the most.

SZs and other individuals experiencing psychosis probably do this too, though their analysis may be based more off of completely irrational (if not random) thoughts. I haven't had full psychosis, so I don't know personally, that's just my guess. Maybe the HFAs here with psychotic symptoms could comment.

That all aside, I overanalyze and force myself to take the "most benign answer possible". Sometimes, overanalysis does lead to a more favorable conclusion. Also, I (and a lot of other auties) have sort of a "pre-psychosis" condition, where we have entirely rational and possible but highly improbable paranoid fears. For example, a disgruntled co-worker being out to get you at work, even though the boss hates the co-worker and loves you, the co-worker being too lazy to do anything about you, etc. etc. Often, my overanalysis is influenced by that sort of stuff, too.

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I overanalyze to a very large degree

I'd say to your friend:

1.Be aware of when you're overanalyzing.

2.Counter the thoughts....i.e....say something like "I don't need to think about this right now".

3.I'd also say to use deep breathing or anything else relaxing if the analysis gets to be too much.

Hope that helps.

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...Maybe the HFAs here with psychotic symptoms could comment.

Well you put me in a box. But now that you have, I have to say both psychosis and Autism causes over analyzation. And when put together, pull the car over! I want to get out! I cant make cookies without over analyzing the situation. Every single process! Every single little thing has to be thought about, analyzed. Autism and psychosis equals to over analyzation with paranoid prospect ;)

As said...

1. Before you analyze be AWARE you are about to analyze

Helps to a large degree.


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