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;) After getting super sick, and not in a good way, and not listed on the side efffects, while on zyprexa last week, Iam scared shitlessof going on another ap, my doctor says the next one he wants to try is Abilify, but all this preggo chicks are scaring me with chd, awareness, and how it can cause heart defects and all, if taken...ladedadolloo....you know?? and not to mention Iam just plain scared of the fact of one my kid coming out fucked up, and two my baby coming out fucking depressed and sycho, like me bc I didnt medicate myself, IAM SO TORN...on one hand, Iam super unable to deal with my voices and hallicunations anymore, and on the other iam afraid of what the meds will do to me and my baby...

someone encourage me or something please!!!


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There have no been any studies in humans, so there isn't any data. I did find a case report which had a positive outcome, but not much else. Nothing with a negative outcome as yet.

From the PI Sheet :

Aripiprazole has a pregnancy category of C. In animal studies aripiprazole produced

developmental toxicity that included possible teratogenic effects in rabbits and rats but

there are no controlled studies in pregnant women and no data on whether it crosses the

placenta. There is no third trimester study data. Therefore aripiprazole should only be

used during pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the potential risk to the fetus.

Pregnancy category C

I know this is all really scary. You need to decide between yourself and you doctors, plural, what is best for you and your baby. There are many women who take category C medications while pregnant and have no complications. There are many who choose not to take them but that also comes with risks.

This study suggests that Clozaril [clozapine] may be an option. I couldn't find more on it, though.

Reviewed studies show that olanzapine and clozapine apparently do not increase the teratogenic risk if administered to pregnant women...

Sorry I can't find more information.

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