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Seroquel safety for long term when used in very low doses

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Long term use over 3 weeks has not been extensively studied, as it has not for most drugs.

At 75mg (the lowest listed), the most significant symptom (in my opinion) is EPS, Extrapyamidridal Syndrome, the occurence was 6%, which is much less than with Placebo (sugar pill) at 16%. There are numerous other side effects, which should hopefully be either minor or reversible with stopping meds and/or occur at low rates.

So, my best advice to you is take Seroquel, and don't eat any candy. ;)

Here is a summary of side effects and occurence:


Warnings and cautions for most serious effects: {note: most are so rare they do not have occurence rates listed]


The dosages you mention are extremely low, and seroquel is often taken 50 times higher levels. I liked seroquel and found it most helpful for hypomania and agitation. Good luck!


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i took 25 mg for sleep, but turned out 12,5 ( so half a pill ) was doing the same trick, and 6,25 mg ( quarter ) too, since my ssri makes me sleepy enough. But the benefit on my anxiety was nice with a half of seroquel. So thats why i asked!

is the diabetes a risk factor with those low dose or is this not dose depended??

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