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cannabidiol as next-gen atypical

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a preliminary report from a 4-week, double-blind controlled clinical trial, using an adequate number of patients and comparing the effects of CBD with amisulpride in acute schizophrenic and schizophreniform psychosis, showed that CBD significantly reduced acute psychotic symptoms after 2 and 4 weeks of treatment when compared to baseline. In this trial CBD did not differ from amisulpride except for a lower incidence of side effects
the above is from this study: cannabidiol study

Apparently, cannabidiol in cannabis counteracts the THC trippiness to balance out the experience. With the tendency to breed THC-rich skunk varieties in recent years, there has been a corresponding loss in % cannabidiol, which might explain why many people lament the mellower weed available in the 60s, and why I personally always preferred to buy the half-price homegrown stuff with seeds in it that wasn't skunk and had lower levels of THC and therefore higher levels of CBD.

I count myself as a weed fiend, and in trying to get away from it have relapsed many times. I know it does me no good: while high I frequently get freaked out and agitated; and it takes three days (or more when I have been repeatedly using) to get my motivation, sociability, concentration etc etc fully back to "normal". So I wonder why I keep going back to it. I guess there is an aspect of being stoned that I like, that is there alongside the mind-fuckery, that is perhaps the CBD at work chilling me out and letting me forget stresses. So I fantasise that CBD could be the miracle drug for me, and many others - I have known plenty of MI people, usually bipolars or schizoid-types, who know that weed is not at all the ideal way of self-medicating but who keep going back to it.

Anyone know any more about this? Is there a likelihood CBD will be prescribed in the near-future? Any maverick pharmacists managed to extract the stuff and try it out on themselves? How difficult would that be for the layman-chemist? Of course I speak purely theoretically.

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I don't want to say anything that would get me in trouble, but, having said that, I sometimes would really love to have some cbd every so often. I think it would be very beneficial when I am feeling ragey and irritable. I would love to feel high without the paranoia and panic attacks. Those were two reasons I quit smoking. Oh wait!! Now I remember-I quit smoking weed and cigs. because I got impregnated!! It was really easy to quit all the anti-preggo stuff cuz it made me sick. What was I talking about?? Oh, now I remember the downside of weed-DUHHHH......

I'm curious how weed would affect me in combo w/ my other meds. Anyone have experience with mixing??

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