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I'm a new to this crap, well 5 months new

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Hey ya'll,  5 months ago,,,,got nailed by siezers from h*ll, 7 nuro docs later, 3 said nuro problem not mental, 3 said mental not nuro ploblem, and this week I got shipped to kc med center,  Dr. Einstien,,,that what he looks like and couldn't pronounce his name if I tried, at least diagnosed me,,,,with psuodo epilapsy.  For those of you who don't know that thtat means my seizers are not true epilepsy cuz what brain cells i havve left from the seizer are not missfiring.  my body is..........I have a lousy histoty of abuse blah, blah , blah,,,everbody has a storry..  the worst of the was 10 years ago,,,,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,,,,,,i have had therapy,,,,,,,,,,i have dealt with my many issues,,,,,,,,,,,,,and now the say that ptss has decided to kick my ass.  I was consulted by a phsyco therapist who deals only with patients that suffer from this, I am still going to see a nuro specialest who deals with et and movement disorders,,,,,,,,,,,,,and it has two be one of these two things because they have ruled out everythihng ealse, and I was told that the ptss could be from the time I was two to recent events of any kind that might have triggered it.  I am going out of my damn mind trying to think of any ISSUE, that i might not have dealt with from the time I was two to the last marraige i had.  I think my bases are covered.  Although I will admit no one has ever accused me of being sane.  My husband says I am unique , eccentric, and sick and twisted., but I already new that,,,,,,,,,,walk in my moccasins or yours and you have got to have a sense of humor to get you through the day. have any ofyouever been  through this crap, cuz I am about to go insane witch isn't saying much, considering it was all I could do to go to this other therapist to rule out my mental state of mind,,,,,,,,,If my husband and my mother hadn't forbid me from being a sh*t head and screwing with his mind for ahwile I would probably be sitting in the nerest loony been they could find.....been there three times about ten years ago and all it really did was make me feel better after seeing the other nuts in there.,  I am pissed off, depressed, and pretty much angery with the whole world and still trying to figur out how those first  six nuro docs,  actually made in through there exams unless they used cheat sheets. cuz i be thinkin they a bunch of idiots.  And if they do fix me I am going to end up in rehab cuz I am on enough crap to kill a horse and even that doesn't work,,,it 30 mg of valuim to qet me into a somwhat functional point . 10 at home, and 20 at local bandaid station of my little bitty town, after i passed out for awhile in I did okay for about and hour or so and i am already starting to earthquake again,,they usually start minor and end up major

29 years old two kids married, had to quit my job cant watch my 4 year old,,I have a tendecy to fall occasainlly,,,,,,,,and after todays little eppisode, i am back to beign baby sat by whom ever in the family is available,,,,,,,,,,the had to role me sever times today to keep me from chocking to death cuz i can alway swallow my spit,,,the trip to kc med center...........got sent cuz I am getting worse. lost the ability to talk for ahwile, my throat would constickt oor something..........I know my abc's in sign language, and let me tell you trying to get the hubby and my girl to understtand a damn thing about pushed my right over the edge. Sorry bout being  a long typer and going off on tangents,,,,,,,,just cannt help my self.

help help help help help help,,,,,,,,ppppppppplllllllleeeeaaaaasssseeeeeeeeee

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I had one and exactly one doctor try to say I had pseudoseizures, based on the fact that I have a psych history.

But...neurologist said theyre real. See, here's where the test isnt quite normal. And here and here and here.

Implying that seizures are fake pisses me off anyway...



Once I had a REAL bad episode of seizures that ended me up in the hospital in the town just north of where I live. This was about 12 years ago, and I was seeing a neuro on a regular basis who knew my history, but had misdiagnosed my JME (which is quite common), and he was in an office with another neuro who happenned to be one of the world's largest buttnoids...I had a friend who had been to see him.

Anyway, when I had this bout of seizures and was sent to the hospital, I found out my regular neuro was out of town, and his associate would be seeing over me,...the next day, I woke up feeling funny, (myoclonics) and I told the nurse in my room that something was wrong, that my arms were twitching...and she ran out. The next thing I knew, I woke up...and there were a ton of people in the room and I just kept asking for my Mom, I was crying and scared...and I couldnt move...after several minutes I asked for the nurse to call my Mom...I was still half out of it. Before I knew it, I fell asleep. I woke up to that ass gremlin neuro busting in the room saying.."Well, we think you had a psuedo seizure. You asked for your Mom afterwards, and we thought that was quite unusual." I thought that he was quite the asshole. I told my other neuro, and he shook his head. all my EEG's have proved the psuedo seizure theory wrong.

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