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Calling those who know drugs

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ok here is the situation

i am in australia. we call wellbutrin "Zyban" it is only approved here for helping people to stop smoking not as an antidepressant.

we have a scheme called medicare it makes our perscription drugs cheaper but certain drugs your p-doc has to get an Authority script from the government to give the drugs to your cheap.

now having said all this because wellbutrin is only approved for stop smoking you can only get it for a maximum 3 months. then you just cant get it.

but for me it is a great antidepressant best i have tried and number one advantage NO WEIGHT GAIN!!!

please all you wise people out there who know these drugs does it have a relative??? or is their a similar ad that doesn't cause weight gain. and i mean doesn't, possbily even helps lose it!

I'm not obese but have gained a lot of weight on meds over the years and have finally lost it, dont want it back on. plus this drug has helped make me the happiest i have ever been

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Ok, it's probably not available in Australia and I know nothing about it, but when browsing wikipedia I found this:


It's a tricyclic mostly affecting dopamine.

I'm fairly sure that it's almost impossible to get. Otherwise, it looks promising.

Emsam/selegiline is primarily a MAO-B inhibitor. That's another route for dopamine support.

Vivactil, like desipramine, is primarily a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor. There's some antihistamine activity with both of them, but that can have an indirect positive effect on dopamine levels.

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Tona V;

That policy is amazingly short-sighted! Are you sure you do not reside in the US??? Sounds like our FDA.

Poor dear actually has found a med that makes her Happy and relieves depression...and she may not be able to get it for more than 3 months!!!

That is so DEPRESSING! Hopefully your Dr will contact reps from the drug company and get samples for you.

Wish it worked for me. WBXL made me irritable and anxious. Actually bordering on mean. I needed an anti-anxiety med so bad and my Dr at the time didn't like to Rx them to any patients, ever, he said!

But I did feel a tiny bit of motivation. I changed to the Wellbutrin SR and the anxiety calmed a bit but was still awful. And i was hungry all of the time! I actually gained weight on WB.

With Anxiety meds available I would try again, however.

Wishing you the BEST!


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Some psychiatrists have been using Mirapex, an dopaminergic med used in treating Parkinsons, in an off-label capacity. Apparently the results have been very encouraging.

My pdoc does this (part of the reason he didn't at all hesitate to prescribe it atop my Focalin). He also says that he's also had good experience using it as a mood stabilizer for BP-II patients, and that I may be able to dump my Lamictal one day (I'm taking Mirapex for one of the Parkinson syndromes). I'll see how that goes, meanwhile, your pdoc will vary.

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