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i still dont get it

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Alright, so Klonopin is my do-gooder that actually works (yay!). Anyway, I'm on the correct meds, I have less Social Phobia and Panic, but I still don't get the socialization. I definitely don't have it down. Am I just rusty? Any helpful tips to get back on the horse? Im in school, I try to socialize there but I suck, I joined a support group and seem to go mute, and just going to walmart scares me. But not because of the phobia! But because I can't socialize.



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Hey Twitch,

Every year when school closes for the summer I gradually see less and less people (mostly bc it is easier to let that happen when school is out so I think i gravitate towards more and more alone time bc it is more comfortable for me and my social anxiety... anyway...) Then when the school year starts it feels like a big shock bc I am so used to being mostly isolated and I do actually forget how to talk if I haven't done it regularly in a while, just as you are describing here in your post. It is always really rough for the first couple of weeks but it helps to remember that this happens every year and I just need to get used to talking again... your situation may be similar. It is most helpful for me to do the following things:

-recognize that this happens when i have been isolated lately, accept this situation, and know that it will gradually get better again

-start gradually by doing things like: at first mostly hanging out only with people i know really well (or with people who probly don't give a shit if i am a little socially inept, like a support group!) at first and sort of clinging to them for a short while to so that i can feel safer; forcing myself to walk around in public places (like walmart) and buy something and then focus on making simple conversation that comes naturally with checking out items at a register and feeling good about keeping eye contact with the cashier and for socializing in this simple way; and starting with other simple conversations to get used to talking again.

-keep up my confidence.. bc sometimes when i feel inept at socializing i end up slowing my progress a lot by getting down on myself for having trouble with it!

-practice practice practice, without worrying about sounding stupid to people while i am in the practicing stage of getting used to socializing again.

You can do it! we are all humans and therefore can all at least understand each other in some ways, even those who are not socially eloquent! you just gotta jump into it again a little bit and just start talking/socializing.. i encourage you from above mentioned experience. and besides, you express yourself well in writing!


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You could try talking to people that you meet in the supermarket or stores. Sometimes even small steps like talking to a sales clerk can give you some extra practice.

Also, have you considered doing some volunteer work? I am just starting to volunteer at a no kill animal shelter and the focus is mostly on the animals but there will be other ppl around too. The thing that I like about it is I will be around other ppl but I dont necessarily have to interact much with them.

Might be worth a shot....

Miss C.

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Do you have group therapy available? I, too, have a hell of a time socializing, and I have recently been in group therapy, which actually helped me in connecting with people in the group... then you can kind of generalize it.

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