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Newbie schizo-affective Bipolar(etc.) facing VNS?

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Hello all! I was happy to find this site, glad you all are here!

I was diagnosed with Depression at age 7, Manic Depression, Alcoholic, Drug Addict at age 16, PTSD at age 28, schizo-affective, S.A.D. and anxiety disorder at age 33, ADD at 35,OCD and Delusional Parasitosis at 36. Medication resistant depression and mood swings at 37. I am facing my 38th birthday soon. I am literally in bed hibernating in depression from September through May and manic from June through August.

I am being told by my doctor that VNS is really the only solution for me, he doesn't know what else to do. I have tried every medication and combination of those medications. It sounds impossible, but trust me I have felt like a guinea pig for a long time. I have a bunch of questions about VNS, but I want to read the past posts before I start asking.

I have not been able to work since 9/11/01, it totally fried me. I am on Disability, but I started writing a year ago. I hope to be published someday soon. I am also an artist, have been since I could hold anything to draw, paint, sculpt, or anything else with. I hope to be discovered someday soon too. But none of that was my dream, at heart I am totally in love with science and math. I have a bachelor's and some graduate work under my belt, but none of my education has anything to do with my actual talents or interest. Life is funny that way!

I am free of alcohol and illegal drugs, thank goodness, but still fight to stop smoking cigarettes after 25 years.

Medications: 200mg Seroquel, 1mg Klonopin tid, .50mg Halcion...we gave up on everything else. (Occasional Adderall 30mg tid)

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welcome IQ,

we are both here just recently. there are some pretty fine loonies that share experience and sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered and most graciously appreciated.

i hardly know a thing about the various types of categories that busted noggins fit into. am sure that there are learned people here that will identify what ails you. for me it is just slamming unreasonable depression i suppose as it arrived like a f;king comet again. am being treated and have to hold on for a while while the chemical gets to working.

best to you rpmcmurphy

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Hi, welcome!

Have you considered ECT, electroconvulsive therapy? We have several members who have tried it with some success. The advantages are that it's not major surgery with attendant risk, lower cost, shorter recovery time, treatment can be adjusted based on your response.

cheers, a.m.

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