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[EDIT: This post split out from a year old introduction by someone else. A.M.]

Thanks everyone for the welcoming, for a good while there I had the only thread in here with zero replies, I was like yeah, another personal record...

If you are generally satisfied with being untreated, you are a rare person indeed.

Lest I am totally thrown out the window here, I am taking 100mg Lamictal as a mood stabilizer and that is it unless I fly apeshit manic and end up in the hospital where they bring me down with liquid Zyprexa and such wonders.

Yup, death threats from fellow beepers on a daily basis, that pretty much sums up my story. I'll thread lightly or not thread at all, lately I've been so friggin empty and just in a very draining existential funk that the last thing I feel able to do is contribute in forums. Not that I ever have anything to contribute, mind you.

I think I'm ADD as well, but they didn't pick up on it yet what with all the psychotic manias begging to be acknowledged in the med charts.


thank you

[edited by usernametaken]

so essensially this is when i found CB, googling BP VI, the post is just a manic rant which i don't feel like having on the internet anymore

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I believe a proper welcome is in order.

Welcome to Crazy Boards, You may find a some answers, have a bunch more questions, and make a few good friends along the path. I, too would rather the logical approach, thank you for posting to my distressful evening post. Learning is one of my favourite distractions. The Body-Mind bit has always intrigued me, Thanks again.



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I agree with Panz, a proper welcome is quite in order, 2 days is hardly a long time around.

I did notice there was some sort of edit to A.M. hopefully confusion resolved.

but WTF, you are here, and speaking, and I am quite interested in dx of bipolar VI.

For you see, I never believe in a fucking dx in my life.

I was just reminded of that by a friend that sent me a card from Mcleans in Belmont, we were in the same DBT program, it went for months, apparently I was the only one sane there.

Apparently with how things run here in MA, and what all I was facing, many were worried about me, and she wrote on my card, "Now I hope you finally were real with yourself, for you do know you were fucking beautiful, fun, but crazy!" and I will attest to that!"

She was so quiet while I was there.

The card did make me laugh.

Anyway won't be around for long now, but your post was very grasping, I wouldn't know why I didn't catch anything you would have written sooner.

As for ice rinks from hoses, my brothers and I torn up our backyard and did shit like that all the time.

We just didn't have parent around, and amused ourselves.

God we did campfires in the dining room!

Toasted marshmallows, I burn down the whole back of the house at age 5 from tossing a marshmallow in trashcan with all this paper and shit, oh and dishtowel I was flapping at it to go out.

Older brother by 2 years was over night at friends, so I got 3 year old and 6 month old baby brothers out

of house by myself.

That time I was just doing them over gas range for all of us, still remember had 6 month old in high chair, just rolled that out, to front porch.

All parents worried about was that I burned down kitchen they just had remodeled.

It had island gas stove top, and double oven in brick expose walls they all stood, so really just soot damage, hell, and the back walls of kitchen and dining room area taken out.

Well welcome to the crazy boards!


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Thanks for the welcome all,

For clarification, i joined the CrazyBoards Sat the 9th of June. just posted on the post i found via google, looking for BP VI info. A.M re-posted into this one. This forum neighbourhood is quite the home, i hope it doesn't consume me, but this summer is a good time to sort some things out.

funny, when i signed up my e-mail address was already associated with a user

i usually have pretty vivid memory

in Jan of 2006 i was web surfing while manic, may have visited you all then. Long story short, I'm new here

don't know what to think, feeling invincible and getting older, shouldn't be

i had an food allergic reaction yesterday. popped 75 mg of benedryl, got to a clinic for steroid. nice PA, handled BP-lamictal notes like an angel. they monitored me for a reaction to the shot, released just as the itch hit my hairline. Co-worker (subtle drama, wha?, hate it) took me to trusted friend. Had full on hives: neck, ellbow/arm pits, bra-line, low back, inside ears, and sorry for sharing, hives like none other in the crotch. Cold shower and sratched till my brain shut off and i crawled from the bathroom floor to the bed. Woke up 3 hours later healthy and hungry. One day this is going to kill me, but i'm not phased. WTF. no more fancy food for me.

my sleep is off. and neighbours have made a Kareoke stage of the courtyard/pool for the night. would hang out and actually meet the people i've lived next to all year, but the 4:30 am domestic dispute a week prior tells me not to trust the guys. Maybe it's still the combination of the diphenyldramamine and the prednisone that's screwing me.

i just want a tent by the ocean, good books, a worn-in pair of shoes. a place to train my mind and body, live at the waters edge, beautiful minimalism. waking with the dawn. calm the mania with Nature. well i should get off the internet and try to sleep.

what are the neighbours doing, i don't need to live with this fearing.

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Taking off to ocean always dream of mine, but trade tent for little bungalow, got to have my indoor plumbing, and love a fireplace for chilly nights and to toast those marshmallows, make some smores!

I got better at doing them since 5, so no worries ;) !

Better take a damn shower, off to catscan.

This should be good, if they do find off frig up, bet won't even be allow to have it fixed, so will have to wait all those years.

Want to hear a joke, doc said if not torn, she could write RX for physical therapy. Like I would even hand that in. I would be sure to be on the get her little princess want to be ass!

I almost LMAO, yeah that where I am going.

Ok there lets just toss her around a bit and hang her from these cuff/chains to give that shoulder, screwed up rotary cuff a nice long good stretch, catch you in the morning!

:lights click off:

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I agree with Panz, a proper welcome is quite in order, 2 days is hardly a long time around.

Sorry if I offended, certainly didn't mean to do so. As I keep pointing out, I'm relatively new here myself, and still not entirely sure I'm always reading the various things correctly. Apparently I did get confused by what was going on in the first post. Anway, please consider this now a proper welcome.

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