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Cheerful Thoughts & Political Activism...

Peaceful Pills (Euthanasia) for us too?  

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  1. 1. Should we be allowed Peaceful Pills on Demand?

    • Should we be allowed Peaceful Pills with offer of treatment?
    • Should we be allowed Peaceful Pills on demand?
    • Should we be allowed Peaceful Pills after treatment fails?
    • Should we never be allowed Peaceful Pills?
    • Should the Terminally Ill be allowed Peaceful Pills?
    • Should all Peaceful Pills be banned? (No euthanasia.)
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Ok, so I went extremely depressed last night.

So started trawling the 'net for info on "Quick Way Outs".

First cluster of hits are on Main Stream Media Scare Stories whinging that suicides are getting How To info on the Bad Evil 'net....

Second cluster of Main Stream Media stories on a rash of suicides in Hong Kong.... A quick dig around the Main Stream Media quickly told me how they were doing it...

Ah. So that's why all the BBQ charcoal briquettes are suddenly sprouting that warning on every packet.

The establishment bites it's own bum every time. Whinge about web sites spreading dangerous info and then print the same info on every packet.


Found some useful hard info somewhere...depressing. This is probably going to hurt like hell and possibly going to mess up leaving things in a million times worse state.


Next one turns up a story on a book about the "Peaceful Pill" being banned.

These are Voluntary Euthanasia / Dignified Death Terminally Ill type campaigners looking for a dignified painless self administered die in your sleep way out.

Whole lot of stuff about the politicians giving these guys grief / banning them / locking them up etc. etc.

Trouble is most of these campaigners are old and terminally sick... don't have the strength to give the damned politicians what they deserved,

Then I had a mild fantasy / day dream about what I'd do if I ever met a bunch of politicians that voted against allowing a Peaceful Pill.....

I wallop 'em with a large Clue'by'Four yelling and screaming....

WALLOP!! One for every suicide that died in pain!

WHACK!! One for every depressive that live for years in misery worse than death.

KICK!! For every life and family ruined by substance abuse when substance abuse is the only relief available.

SLAP!! For every day, month, year of HELL waiting for medicines that don't work to work.

BANG!! One for every emergency personnel traumatised by a cleaning up after a messy death.

SPANK!! One for every botched suicide leaving ones health blighted and life worse than before.

SLAM!! One for every terminally ill person dying in agony and misery ignored by fatcat politicians.

SOCK!! One for every brave campaigner imprisoned.

I dreamed of walloping and clobbering politicians for quite a long time...

...after all...what are they going to do? Shoot Me? HA!

After that I felt quite cheered.

Enough to make an appointment with the doc to see if he has another medicine that doesn't work for me.

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You might not believe it now, but you will eventually feel better.

Can you call your pdoc and tell him how bad you're doing? An emergency med change or even going inpatient might be needed.

Euthanasia for mental illness is never OK because depression makes you think you have no hope when really you do.

Your brain is telling you lies.

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