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Seroquel and increased reflexes and motor skills...

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Okay, here is the deal:

I am now taking seroquel in a significant (relative to my former dose) dose. Of course I have noticed the usual things...I am tired and cannot get through the day without a nap, I sleep much better, and of course it is working on calming my mixed episodes.

But here is the rub...I find that my fine motor skills and reflexes are increasing. This seems entirely counter-intuitive to the nap-inducing nature of this drug as far as I can tell. What gives?

Here is an example: Though I cannot keep my eyes open, I have increased my typing speed (with accuracy) to close to 65 words a minute from about 45 words per minute. My reaction time on field drills is better and it seems that I am more agile than before.

To me, this does not jive with everything I have ever read about this drug...anyone else have a similar experience?

FYI, my daily regimen:

50-100 (depending on crazy-factor)mg Seroquel with 500 mg Epival (Depakote) AM

75 mg Seroquel PM

500 mg Epival with 20 mg Celexa and 50 mg Seroquel at Bedtime.

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