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Impending Crisis: The Vets

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In todays Friday News dump it was announced that a new report from the Department of Defense Task Force on Mental Health has been released. From the

coverage by CBS:

According to the Pentagon's latest mental health survey, 31 percent of Marines, 38 percent of soldiers and 49 percent of the National Guard reported psychological symptoms such as anger, depression or alcohol abuse after returning home. As the director of the survey said, combat stress is not something you just get over.

According to the survey, there have been "dramatic decreases in the number of military health professionals" since the war started.

And perhaps the most damning finding: The Pentagon "currently lacks both funding and personnel to adequately support the psychological health of service members and their families."

The full report is here:


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i remember my ex talking about her grandfather after the war and his alcoholism and abuse of his children and hiding behind the couch from flashbacks, and i think that it's really always been the case that such terrible experiences have long lasting effects, and that ripples out into future generations. war fucking sucks.

i don't think my grandfather really had such problems afterward, but he was very stoic and rarely talked about what happened, and didn't seem to psychologically unravel. but i can't really account for why that is.

it's complicated, even if vets can support each other, and get mental help, there is still the general alienation from larger society and dealing with the fact that while they survived, many did not, and really the families of veterans also need support in dealing with all of this.

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We just had an incident where a vet who had been home for six months was having a domestic argument with his wife. I guess the guy lost it because he got a knife and stabbed his pregnant wife in the abdomen to kill the baby.

He succeded.

The awful thing about this is that he had a 14 year old son, who was trying to defend his mom. This guy slashed his throat. As the boy lay dying on the living room floor, the father is on the phone with 911 and the tapes reveal that he did absolutley nothing to help his son.

It is so sad and war is so damn stupid.


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