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MAOI reformulation

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It seems that the manufacturer recently changed the formulation for the MAOI drug Nardil in order to make more profits, but consequently it does not work very well for many people any more, people who have dependent on Nardil for years to live normal lives... Does anyone know if parnate or marplan are any good? I have heard that parnate has had the same B/S happen to it that happened to nardil, so that it might not be effective any more either... Would the name-brand version of parnate be any better than the generic?

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well, you threw a curve in at the last moment. You are confusing the issue by referrrng to the brand name Nardil and then saying it is a generic manufacturer who has reformulated.

In general I would say yes, the name brand drug should be more consistent and reliable.

**** Ok, checking the FDA database, it shows that there is NO generic equivalents, only the single name brand manufacturer, Parke Davis.

There have been no formulation changes since 1994, though there was a manufacturing change or addition in 1998, according to the FDA database.

Wikipedia notes this:

Nardil was changed in late 2003, due to a complete reformulation by Pfizer,who removed many of the excipient ingredients, including the hard coating. It is possible that the current version is not surviving the stomach acid content and therefore not as much is being absorbed into the bloodstream. It is also possible that the machinery used to mix and manufacture Nardil is, since Pfizer acquired the medication, not able to sufficiently blend and mix the medication, making parts or all of some lots irregular in the content of medication delivered to the system.

Many users continue to experience difficulties following this change. The indicated dosage has not been altered by Pfizer, nor did they advise physicians or pharmacies of these changes, yet the recommended dosage seems not to have the desired effect on many. It is believed that, currently, there are some 75,000 to 85,000 people taking Nardil worldwide. The original formulation of Nardil is no longer available.

McMan's had an article on this 3 years ago (bottom of page): http://www.namiscc.org/News/2004/Newslette...cManVol6-20.htm

here is Pfizer's reason for the reformulation. Apparently you are not the only one who has had problems. He mentions that some have had success with raising their dosage.

Since the approval of Nardil in 1959, the FDA has updated its regulations based on advances in manufacturing and testing technology. To ensure that the product would continue to comply with new regulations, a modification of the existing formulation was necessary. Pfizer submitted data to the FDA that show that the old and new formulation are bio-equivalent, and that the new formulation is more stable than the old. Based on these data, the FDA approved the new formulation.

Sorry, I found out the 'why' but have no specific answers for you. I'd suggest discussing with your doc raising your dosage. You may need to ultimately change meds.

good luck, a.m.

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