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need some help?

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Hey all?

I waswondering if anyone could help me?

I'm in my 4th year dietetics studying, so going to be a dietician obviously!! Which I can tell you now is a lot more then making fat people thin! ;)

But since this last year and a half has been a little crazy, I have spent half my time working in one hospital and admitted tonother, so my very kind department as said i can take my final year over 2 years before I do my internship year. I have already completed my first thesis at the beging of the year but now im going to have a lot more time on my hands and know what I what to specialise in,Neurology. So I what to start my second thesis in my second thesis with my spare time, and i can do it really cause i will have no limits or constrants. And this time I'm really passionate about the subject and know what im doing.

I want to do it on the knowledge, acceptability, Beliefes and practices with regards to diet and nutrition in mood stability in bp and schizophrenic patients in the ........ area. Havent decided which are yet, but if any of you have any info I would really appreciate it.

I know this is a really borring message, but I have been doing not so great these days and there is nothing like a project to keep u going. I love my degree, and I need something to wake up for.



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I haven't looked at it properly, but there may be some interesting info in the documents/reports of the Dept of Health.

Otherwise, I'd get stuck into the electronic journals and databases available through your university's library. You should be able to get a password that'll allow you to browse them from home.

My 2c - consider focusing on two areas - comparative data instead of a single case study would allow for a more interesting set of conclusions and recommendations.

good luck

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