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Wadeing into the world of BPD

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I was discharged from my 6th or 7th hospital stay yesterday. The doctor there made some... interesting suggestions. His mannor of diagnosis, I think, was a bit off- but I do think he -may- be on to something. I dunno, lets see what y'all think.

I'm bipolar. I've been on the med marry go round for a couple of years- as the doc put it i've taken everything from a to z. Nothing works. Nothing. It's kind of annoying. It works for a couple of weeks or so, and then it's back to the depression, or the mania- but mostly the depression. I'm constantly fighting the the suicidal thoughts so I'm constantly ending up in the hospital. So when I explained this to this doc at the hospital- he right away started raddling away about axis two and borderline personality and how that would explain why meds don't work because you can't change a personality with meds and yadda yadda.

I was kinda like.. umm.. sure. But latter the theripist and I went through it and you know... there seems to be something to it.

I dunno... someone up to give me a laymen's account of what a bpd person is like? how they act? Not this DSM IV crap. I hear all sorts of things and alot of it fits but some of it dosnt and... ugh. It's soon I suppose, much exploring to do.

How... tramatic does a childhood trama have to be? I was adopted by my grandparents, but I realize now that I probably persived that my mom abandoned me and my grandma took me away from her- would that do it? Or is it one of those big "it just depends"?

Thanks all.

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