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Choosing a Pharmacist and Pharmacy Problems

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Choosing a pharmacist

If you have the option to pick your own pharmacist, (including what to look for in choosing Canadian pharmacists) here are some tips to help you make that decision:


Pharmacy Problems

Did a pharmacy really screw up your prescription? Are they ripping you off? Do you wonder if that pharmacist is really allowed to practice? Have they been disciplined? Just need to complain to someone? Keep reading my friend...

These links are for the USA - if anyone know of ones for other countires PM them to me and I will add them

Maybe someone else has had a similar problem to yours - look here


Need to find your local Board of Pharmacy to complain to?

You can also serach their database of disiplinary actions, its near the bottom.

Look for the member roster as well.


Want to verify if your pharmacist or pharmacy actually has a license?

Click on your individual locality, and then look for license - Pharmacy.


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