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I'm wanting to try to expand my horizons a little and post my profile on some GLBT dating sights. The only thing is, I want to be as honest as possible without making it so bad that nobody replies. some of the key issues are:

I am not a booty call. I'm a commitment minded person looking for commitment minded people.

My health is HORRIBLE. I have the holy trinity of MI, Physical illness and med side-effects. I don't like disclosure but it's pretty obvious when I walk up with my cane.

I need someone who is financially stable because I am not.

Hospitalizations are inevitable.

I have an incredibly low libido as you can imagine. (see meds and stuff)

so, there it is. I can't really think of any pros to being with me. I don't have much of anything in the way of "strengths".

Any suggestions? I know, I'm probably a bit demanding. ;)

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Don't disclose all at once. Put some major stuff up front, like kind of relationship you're looking for, maybe mention the cane (and check out websites for physically handicapped people for how to phrase the physically handicapped part). At some point you will need to mention the rest, but it doesn't have to be immediately.

If you need someone who will be financially self-supporting (can support themselves, that is), I don't see that as an unreasonable thing to mention, as long as you're mentioning standard other things too (kind, good sense of humor, etc.). If you're trying to find someone who will you support you financially because you cannot support yourself, it's unlikely that people will respond to an ad with that in it unless you have something pretty major to offer in return or unless they are scary people.

If you read over other ads you may find some positive stuff that is true of you that you can put.

If you really cannot find positive things that are true of you that can help balance out your needs, you may want to consider an MI dating site or a dating site for physically disabled people. You're likely to find people who are more comfortable with (or at least adjusted to) a lot more health/mental/financial issues.

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Hope you don't mind a reply from a hetero, but I've got years and years of experience in the online dating game, so I figured my two cents might be worth something...

My biggest piece of advice is to make your profile unique and use a touch of humor somewhere. Whatever you do, don't start it with "I am...." or "I can't believe I am doing this..." I swear, 99% of the profiles I read started one of those two ways - ugh! And make sure you spell check it - even if you have to copy it into Word or something to do so!

I agree with everyone else about not needing to disclosure your "challenges" in a profile.

My only other advice is to not let the exchange of email drag on for too long. I can't tell you how many times I got my hopes up about someone only to be disappointed when we met IRL. Not because they misrepresented themselves in any way... just because you can have great online chemistry with someone that doesn't carryover into real life.

Good luck!

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