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psuodo epilepsy

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hey ya'all

I was pretty crocked last night do to the wonderfull gentalmen at the er.

EPILEPSY- siezer caused by brain nurons and other crap missfiring

PSUODO EPILEPSY-same thing as epilepsy except it is my body causing the siezer do to ptsd or some other trigger, we may never know what. but they think they can help me. My NEW psyco therapist only deals with psuodo epilepsy.  He said that i am young enough that hopefully i can make a full recovery.  I am still going to see a movement disorder specialist.

As for being labled, I totally agree with you, if you have suffered any kind of abuse, mental ,physical, or sexually or have been raped, you are automatically labled a fruitcake. I have been thereapy free for about seven years now. I have suffered all of the above from age 2 to the rape by a stranger who broke into my house at the age of 18.  I have hit rock bottem three times and fought my way out,  Because the rape was prosocuted, and the evil little sob went to prison I was given twenty thousand dollars for therapy and treatment.  I have had so much damn therapy I can quote it to you, I know what to do, what not to do. I stick to a routine, don't sleep or take naps to escape the pain.  The two best times in my life were when my daughter and I lived by ourselves for six months before the rape, and the last 6 years, I married a wonderfull man.  Up untill five months ago I was very happy, loved my job, lived for my family and than wham, out of nowhere I start siezing.  And it is getting worse, got another trip to the er today, they were going to try to ship me but even the ku med centter said it wouldnt do much good for me, the give me some more meds and send me home and then i go back to the er and around and around we go . I have lost twenty pounds since the end of febuary. and life sucks. I cant take care of my little boy because i am a hazard to myself, and fall oftem, i can not drive, am getting depressed. stuck in the house for five months tends to do that to a person.  My temper is short with the kids, and now I am back to having my own personal babysitter.

anyway back to the siezer, they say psuodo but I can not control it and i can not sttop it.  I have no controll over it what so ever.

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