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Hi everyone

I have this dilemma

My mom and various other people want me in a group home.

I have no say in the matter either.

Which is scaring me really bad.

I have heard bad things about them.

Mainly about the lack of freedom you have.

I also worry about the stigma of living in a place like that and question how much it'll really be able to help me.

Has anyone been in a group home here?

Heard something good or bad about them?

I really could use some help

Thanks in advance

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I'm not quite sure if a group home is the same as a halfway house- maybe they just call thm different names.

I lived in one briefly ( early in the illness- had to move out for re hospitilization) but for the time I was there it was really good. i liked having people around- kind of like a college dorm. we had a group meeting every evening and you had to have something to do during the day like a job or school or a day hospital.

It was in a nice area of town so that was fun- and noone ever knew that the house was a halfway house- at least I never saw anyone look at me funny going in or coming out.

We had a curfew ( i think it was 10 on weeknghts and 12 on weekends) you just had to sign inand out on a paper by the door in case someone was looking for you they could tell you were out. People went out to dinner, movies lots of freedom.

One staff person was on every night so there was always someone to go to if you needed it. Honestly I liked it and knoew many people who did well there.

Bummer you have no say but can you go take a tour?maybe not so bad? good luck.

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Bless your heart. How old are you? Why don't you have any say?

I've been in a halfway house twice and it's like high school all over again. I had to leave. The drama and bullsh8t were just too much for me to take. What can you expect when you put a house full of girls, all with different personalities, in one house. I personally don't see how they help. Every girl I knew in the home I was in last summer relapsed. So, I don't see what good they do.

Just my opinion.

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