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I don't know who I am if based on work

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Hey Down,

I don't base myself on what I do work-wise, mainly because I am unemployed right now... Welcome to the boards. We'd like to hear from you. Pm us mods if you are struggling.

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I'm now 51, still haven't solved my livelyhood issues, suffer from chronic situational depression and anxiety, am about to become homeless as my folks are moving to assisted living place, I need to get out of the whacko bible belt I landing in a decade ago and can't get help from or make connections in do to discrimination and voilence against atheists environmentalists and progressives in general.... I need resources but can't find so far...

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Thanks for the welcome both of you ;) I seem to be a little more able to beat my anticipetory anxiety at the moment and had some more to add saved from another now defunct site. I may very well slow down again if I have to write fresh stuff, ugh.

Hey Down,

I don't base myself on what I do work-wise, mainly because I am unemployed right now... Welcome to the boards. We'd like to hear from you. Pm us mods if you are struggling.


I tend to, and have gone for what I've loved but unlike the saying that the money will follow, it hasn't quite the opposite what little money I've slaved for went, I need income to have any freedom or rights in this stinkin, sinkin society. With totally inadequet guidence to navigate the economic swamp of life I've been unable to reinvent the wheel and don't think I should have to and see the social contract that says I should obey any law as broken by society.


paste from mostly previously written:

Now how do I start? I've been depressed as long as I can remember and although I

have been seriously suicidal at times, a symtom of clinical depression, I think my

most recent Dx of early onset Dysthymyia ('low level' chronic depression) is closer

to my situation but still not right. I think I could have been cured years ago

with the effective theropy and skills training.

Growing up with an alcoholic mother and the family communications breakdown and

dysfunction that that caused/contributed to the situation and didn't prepare me for

the world. By parental abucation of many responcibilities to the school and other

public systems that were inadiquate and now growing worse in some ways, in some

sense I feel an orphan.


One of the main problems I have getting restarted with my life is forming a plan

that works for me and will include my interests and needs. I think I want to live

on a homestead where I can work at something, I don't know what, so that I can

avoid commuting. This was a lesson I learned out west where there was minimal work

opportunities but 'cheap' land out of town. Back then I had trouble finding

anything despite being willing to take most any work, now I have become distant

from most all of society's offerings of "honest work" and what is available is

rarely suited to my abilities at present. Without steady work my mood and ability

to meet challenges is unpredictably adequate at best.

Yes I'm afraid I have been out of the work force for some time and am completely

isolated from my present local community. I have never figured out how to make an

'honest' living, as my education (begining/not completed, applied ecology major in

the '70s) has mostly taught me that our present culture systematically steal from

most people presently and all people of the future. There is little understanding

or empathy to be found for me in my present very conservative culture or the US in

general. The politics of the status quo and the neo-con/liberal mass theft from

the masses by multinational corporations taking society back to feudalism have

wrecked my previous plans for alternative energy and hand crafting careers, and the

demand for, sail, solar, and human, powered recreational boats that I'm partly

trained to build is too low, my welding and carpentry skills are beginer level and

without appropriate application.

Without multidisciplinary guidance to navigate this swamp I have starved and

slaved, and become dependant on the largesse of a dysfunctional family, and without

much hope. I have survived not thrived. For a long time now I have been so

desperate for help I have given up hope for the most part, life has become a

gruesome Dali painting and the ants are getting closer while I have all but turned

to immobile stone. I don't know what to do or where to look for help.

Three cult like 'support' sites have banished my because I wouldn't accept their blatant censorship and discrimination, I hope this site is different, and that sort of crap won't get in the way of my getting what help I can here. I've been told I can be very supportive, but feel a little strange having lost three online friends in the death way. :'( I don't want to lose any more, but must seek and find help to get beyond mear survival myself.

tc~Downsolong it looks like up? to me

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ummmm, I haven't been able to 'connect' here, I'm underwhelmed by responce, chat access being an isssue, and my anxiety about posting, I haven't read much at all about others problems due to my own stressers i guess. and did I mention that I'll be homeless in a month and need help asap? Prolly my fault somehow in individual behaviour that I can't find help, but shit, I will soon nead to crap behind trees for want of effective help and communication. ~Down

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Start a blog or post in an appropriate place. This is a "hey nice to meet you" sort of area. People do just that. This isn't an area to carry on your own thread so you aren't going to get a lot of attention if you need it.

You need to do half the work and reach out to people and say "Hi. I'm here and I have these problems."

There's an assload of people on this board. That means that they can't always dig into people's heads and follow what is going on if you don't help them figure it out. It also means that there are a LOT of people here who want to help.

Sorry you feel underwhelmed, but you need to get in there and mingle a little in order to get some feedback. This board in particular is not going to get a whole lot of traffic. We have specific boards, try posting on another one.

If you need to make a post that is the equivalent of a neon flashing sign, then do so.

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I don't know how much this will help, but it's the best that I can do based upon the information that I've been able to patch together.

Sorry that it's taken me so long to reply but trying to pool this info together takes some time. Sorry.

Here are some links:

http://www.sconestop.com/ - I think this is a gov. site to help you find work.

http://www.dhhs.state.sc.us/dhhsnew/index.asp - This is the main index for the SC Dept. of Human Services where you will find the following:

Medicaid Info and how to sign up

Food Stamps Info and how to sign up

And some other helpful information. It was actually pretty hard to find this site. I actually stumbled across it from a 404 error page.

When it comes to services for helping the homeless [$DEITY forbid it gets that far] most places go by county. Since I don't know which county you're in, here's the google search I did:


What you can do though is look in your phone book under social services or community services or something to that effect and usually there will be a couple of groups there that can help if you explain the situation.

Sometimes providing emergency rent, etc.

Sorry if none of the info provided helps.

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Thanks bunches, I don't know if I'll be able to use the links yet, will check it time. I'm rather a curmugen in training and rather far along the path to total bitterness from neglected need, so I hope I somehow stop being both so needy and angry. I am both, but somehow feel justifide at even more rage at t he world that pretends to be supportive without actually being so, and regretful of the missplaced harsh words I occationally or ofen ues to try to learn to communicate my real or felt needs.

I've had trouble deciding which catagory to post in since I'm a whole picture sort of challenge, and this seemed the 'general' place to start. I guess I could refer back to this post elsewhere if ths is avoidied by fellow 'burnt outs' like myself (I understand the needing help veterans and the newbies overload of needs all too well) ;)

I just wish I knew where to post next: employment/income, depression, idk, I do know I need people who can both understand and fully appreciate me and my sacrifices instead of condeming me for them and stearing me the wrong way. I know I can't nore should I tolerate the systemicdiscrimination against athiest ideas and beliefs that is rapant and dominent in the 3d world and on the net, including so called 'mental health support' sites.'

I'm just getting towards up against the wall and scared, I've been hungry, dirt y, desparite for any humiliating and dehumanizing requirement to get help before and I may take the big lead pill instead of submit to that bullshit corrupt crap this time, as in fuck you all u bite as a spiecies, I'm finally gonna be free of your crap. :)

ah well, I figure that is certain, the possibility of lives worth living is open to the possible actual change in circumstance through cooperation.


ps~ so I move this to where? depression? income? the messed up mental health system? 'the (supposed) other half", politics? idk, I just drunk enough to actually post instead of being frozen by conditioned inhibitions. :cussing: So without proof reading or farther adu I hit enter and hope for good fall out and advanced knowledgeble understanding. btw-12steppers and other religios and cultists stay away from me and I'll try to stay away from your murderous cult propaganda bs, but no promises as you've seriously maimed me and I want blood.

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