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all in the head?

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hi im new. i came across this board searching on google trying to find some other people out there dealing with anxiety and their stories.

anxiety sucks. im 25 and male. never had anything related to anxiety till i graduated college and started working full time. It started slow, and 5 mg of Lexapro was doing the trick. I came off Lexapro and the anxiety came back in 2005. Hoped back on lexapro for 6 months and felt good again. now here is where my story begins:

my anxiety symptoms used to be just an emphasided recognition of my body (health, symptoms, feelings) they have manifested now into if i even feel the slightest muscle twitch, cramp, etc i will react negetively. I know what im doing and understand that its probably nothingserious going on in my body, but that is not enough for me to stop a cold sweat. The anxiety started to get worse in 2007 in jan, to where when i would be at the gym and working out my heart rate and breathing would freak me out to the point i gave myself a panic attack while on an exercise bike (o man lol). not good.

so anyways, i began lexapro again, this time 10 mg's, and unfortunately it didnt solve my rapid heart beat (when i would start to worry about something, the HR would skyrocket,,and then the avalanche would come) The lexapro was also not calming me throughout the day like it used to be able to. I jumped onto Cymbalta with no weaning off the Lexapro (cymbalta 30 mg's) and for about 3 days i felt like myself again and everything was good and peachy. After that, the Cymbalta actually caused alot of nerve pain in my arms & neck and I could not sleep thru the night and would wake up way too early. It did, however, tend to fix the rapid heart rate. 2 weeks of Cymbalta i was switched to Zoloft 25 mg's and right after i started taking it, i began to get the brain zaps & shakes and a general feeling of instability. I guess after reading this board before posting and other information, the brain zaps are from the Cymbalta and i guess im getting some withdrawal even tho i started and am taking another medication.

here are my symptoms right now: brain zappers, chest discomfort (when anxiety kicks in), and i always have this fear that any pain in and around my chest is my heart somehow (altho ive had every test to get it checked out and its A o k). When my anxiety increases my initial symptoms are the tight chest/throat, discomfort. Ive only had 2 panic attacks and they scared me big time.

My biggest deal now, is basically generlized anxiety, about what, not even sure, my hightened awareness of my body makes any small or minor problem and ordeal for me to get over. Also, nighttime anxiety is ehh, it takes me a while to reach a state of comfort and sleep. ANyways, just thought id chime in with a little personal info and share my experiences and meds.

whats weird is that i realize and can accept my anxiety, and when it gets bad i kno whats going on i just want it to end.

Anyone get skipped beats/or pings in the chest as a result of anxiety, im curious to know/relate to anxiety symptoms as this is interesting and new to me.

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I don't actually have full on panic attacks... but I have anxiety pretty bad. Sometimes, when I am out somewhere, I just fee like everyone is judging me and I'm worried what people think about me. I can't make a move in public without having some kind of anxiety about it...If not at that moment, than at some point later on.

I worry about things that are always out of my control. I also have sleep issues. Sometimes my brain won't stop.

So this probably didn't help... but I just wanted to say that I understand where your coming from. Anxiety sucks!

Do you have a therapist or anyone you talk to about it?

Because I have recently started therapy and it surprisingly has helped me.


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Hi. I'm 37 [but female] and I've had anxiety all my life, really. The panic attacks didn't start until a major trigger when I was 29. [My anxiety is mainly PTSD as well as attachment related.] I get rapid heartbeat still, and when its particularly severe I get awful dizziness.

Propranolol really did help when it was at its worst.

Nightimes are much better for me now I'm on remeron. [have been taking it for the past year and a half and a bit.]

Mostly though therapy is what helps. Meds just make it easier to observe what is going on without metaphorically hiding under the table.

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