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wellbutrin vs effexor - seroquel - Zydis

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I have a compelling question to ask, I am on effexor 225,wellbutrin 300, seroquel 400 zyprexa zydis 5 mgs as well as cloneazepam prn. This is for 60% anxiety, 40% depression I have been trying to do research on whether the wellbutrin is fighting the effects of the other durgs I am on. Its this dopamine thing I do not understand. I dont need any motivation or stimulating effects

from the wellbutrin. I need the complete opposite really. I know wellbutrin can cause anxiety/panic symptoms sometimes, so this has me wondering whether to drop the wellbutrin. I'm not good at reading all the physco-babble on the net regarding this, so please if anyone can shed light on this I will be grateful. Thanks

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