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combining antipsychotics

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Well, I take three antipsychotics.  I need all three.  They do a specific action, each of them

Zyprexa 30mg: Takes away visual hallucinations

Abifliy 15mg: Takes away negative symptoms and voices

Trilafon 8mg: Takes away paranoia.



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I am on 2.  I take Geodon, 20mg 3 times a day, and 1 mg Risperdal at bedtime.

My dx is Bipolal NOS.  I have had a really hard time finding meds that will work.  I started the Geodon 2 weeks ago and am feeling like a real person finally for the first time in about 5 years.

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I take Geodon 40 mg at night, in addition to Risperdal 0.25 mg in the morning and 0.5 mg in the late afternoon.

I have unipolar depression, among other diagnoses (OCD, Asperger Syndrome, GAD, ADD, tics).

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For me:

5mg/day of Abilify - This really helps lift depression and clear my mind. Also, this drug seems to block bad thoughts and helps me to stay focused and concentrate.

~25mg of Seroquel - I take this as needed to help initiate sleep. I usually take 1/2 of a 25mg tablet to a whole 25mg tablet at night before going to bed. I tried 100mg at night, and it didn't help my sleep anymore than 1/2 of a 25mg pill. This drug works well to get me to sleep in combination with 6g Magnesium Glycinate and 6g Inositol. I stay asleep for about 5 hours and then I'm ready to go in the morning. I have no hangover or anything.

I'm Bipolar II fast cycles, OCD, Social Phobia, maybe Aspergish tendencies, and some Tourettes symptoms (some repetitive movements). The other meds I take are Lamictal 300mg and Luvox 100mg. Abilify seems to go well with those. In addition to these meds, I take a Supplement Stack.

I took Zyprexa 15mg one time, and I had a bad reaction to it. I felt like hell on it with agitation and hostility hours after dosing.

I also took Geodon at up to 60mg/day (40mg night, 20mg morning) before, and it was pretty good. However, dosing was somewhat inconvenient. When taking it only 1x or 2x a day, I had some problems with it wearing off later (short half-life), and I couldn't keep a steady level in my blood. If I ever revisit this drug, I take it 3 times a day instead to keep steady levels in me.

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