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My schizo~affective disorder started with my first period. BANG.

A lot of my periods and pre~periods have been close suicides since.

Is there any good information on MENSTRUAL PSYCHOSIS?

Is there any non~phamaceutical treatment for MENSTRUAL PSYCHOSIS?

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I don't know about menstrual psychosis, but there is a condition known as PMDD...Premenstraul Dysphoric Disorder........that can be very serious as well. I would do a google search on that and see what you think. Good luck and hope you feel better. They do have specific meds that help with PMDD.

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I have a million and one links to PMDD sites. PM me and I will send them.

You should also search through this site, there are some good PMDD threads.

It's good to see another medical article about this (although it's strange that the article didn't mention "PMDD"). 30 years ago, doctors told women there was no such thing as PMS or PMDD. But lately, some prominent medical schools have been studying it, looking for causes and a cure.

Unfortunately, there is currently no known 'cure'. You can minimize symptoms with diet, exercise and vitamins, and some doctors prescribe SSRI's, (which to me are a waste of time). I will tell you right now, the only way to totally prevent it is to stop your period.

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I verge on psychotic pre-menstrually. My paranoia in particular is usually sky-high.

I've never come across any descriptions of it online.

However, I am aware now of the reasons for mine, and that helps me ride the waves...a bit..

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I've just noticed the change in how my recent swap from a lithium/fluoxitine base cocktail to a Zyprexa/Cipramil base has changed me in this very way. Cocktail one, which had pretty much given up on me and left me for dead really handled the PMS/PMT stuff while with the new cocktail I'm bitchy, moody, tired and have the worlds achiest boobs. I am referring to right now today and I'm due to come on within 48hrs.

There's definitely something to it all.

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From what I understand PMDD can involve psychotic symptoms while PMS does not. Mine is somewhere between the two I think, I get a little paranoid, but mostly just irritable and hypomanic.

A low dose of prozac or other SSRI may help, but could bring on hypomania in bipolar.

I wonder if there's any connection between hypomania symptoms flaring up premenstrually?

Mine seem to get worse at that time.

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I realize this threat is very old, but wanted to know if someone else suffers from "menstrual psychosis". I am diagnosed as Bipolar. However I´ve noticed a pattern in my cycles. Symptoms get really bad during my period. My doctor says that lexapro and antidepressants should help with menstrual mood changes, but in reality I don´t realize see that they improve.


I´ve read that antidepressants help with PMS and PMDD, but I don´t feel I suffer from PMS. I don´t have major problems during PMS, my problems begin with my period.  I read that menstrual psychosis is treated differently, with alternative treatments such as metformin, thyroid med, estrogen and progesterone.


I wanted to hear your experiences concerning worsening of symptoms in a particular stage of the menstrual cycle and treatments that have worked best

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