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computer stuff in the crazystore

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Since every now and then people post topics asking for product recomendations, I went ahead and put section in the store with some of my own suggestions. There are some real bargins, like a one gig of of Kensington DDR SDRAM for under $50. None of it is junk.

Any mac people who are planning on upgrading to Lepard soon might want to consider doing it here.


Check out the USB missle launcher

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I so want that USB missile launcher. Shoot it at my students when they're not paying attention....

*looks around innocently*

And darn... I'm drooling over that Mac Mini. Too bad those student loan companies want their money. Then again, I'm waiting for Leopard to ship before I even let myself seriously think about it. I've had it with Vista (she says as the little Update your computer icon pops up). I took the plunge a two weekends ago and installed Ubuntu on an empty partition. One reboot and I was up and running.

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