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New meds and lots of brainfarts!

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I'm taking the meds below.  Most I've started within the last 2 months after getting a new doc for insurance reasons.  With most I've had dose changes and Depakote was just added within the last couple weeks.  My problem is that my memory has gone down the crapper and at least 10 times a day I can't seem to find the word to complete a sentence...like, obvious words.  I'm having brainfarts left and right and I'm hoping this goes away?

I just recently switched around meds from a maintenance dose of a couple things to a higher dose of several meds to try to avoid another manic episode after seeing some signs of hypomania and some very small pyschotic features.  In the past my manic episodes consisted of a LOT of pyshotic features. 

I don't want to bore you so much so ask away if I leave out something.  Here's the current list:


Zyprexa:  20 mg @ night

Depakote:  500 mg @ morning, 1000 mg @ night

Tegretol:  400 mg @ morning, 400 mg @ night

Neurontin:  600 mg @ night

As needed:

Klonipin:  Usually take .5 to 3 mg per day depending on anxiety level

Ambien:  Rarely ever take it since Zyprexa knocks me out ;)

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That is a lot of meds. I think it is very possible the inablity to find the right word and the poor memory are do to the meds.

What can I say though? I personally put up with some syptoms to keep side-effects low.

I suggest you go over the information on mood stabizers here at crazymeds. That is a lot of mood stabilizers.

The key question is were the minor symptoms prefiguring a meltdown or not. Assuming no perhaps a dosage reduction is called for.

Good luck.

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I had all the signs of a possible oncoming manic episode so I told the doctor I'd take whatever in order to keep me out of the hospital.  I ended up with quite a bit and I'm sure they will be going down and some possibly cut off soon enough.  In the meantime, I'm off of work (short term disability) and just back from a vacation (why not??!!) so this week when I see him I will tell him all is good and probably start planning my return to work and a more permanent med lineup.

I was just curious as to if anyone had been on some or all of these drugs and had poverty of thought as I do, and if it gets better or if it's something I'll just have to live with for the meantime.

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I have been on the Neurontin for about 16 months and the dumbness from that has came and gone, unless this new mix messed it up.  I'm probably going to ask the doctor to get off at least one med this week, maybe that one, or one of the newer mood stabilizers since I'm still adjusting to them.

While we're at it, do you think this post would have better luck in the bipolar category?  If so, could you hook that up?  :)

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