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First of all, I don't know where to put this but since it has delusions and stuff in it, i put it here. The reason why I'm bringing this up is because one of the people on here listed their GAF level. GAF stands for Global Assessment of Functioning. It shows how you function as a human being. If you're suicidal and pose a threat to yourself or others it is 20 or below. Mine is around 25 because my behavior is influenced by delusions, even though I don't believe them to be delusions. I sometimes do what the aliens tell me like to stare at a spot, walk extremely slow and cut myself. How you communicate also affects the score. If you are sometimes incoherent like I am (Obviously not now. Sometimes I sound like this when I speak, "You what the cow blew the who up in town and the sky blah computer crash") then the score would be between 21 and 30. The lowest I've ever scored was between 15-20. The highest in the last year or so was 55! The normal is NOT 100 because that is nearly impossible ( You have to have no problems or symptoms its like you are on top of the world but when that happens you are considered manic so then actually your score would be lower!) , it is between 71-90 according to a class I took. No one in my family has a GAF of 100. My insane brother (he has Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ODD) I think his GAF is 79 even though no doctor ever gave him a score at least to my knowledge (He is currently doing well in school and outside of home he doesn't show ODD symptoms. His functioning is not that affected as of now. It was probably worse when he was younger.) Anything around mine (25) is mental hospital time. So, what's your GAF? Did you or an actual psychiatrist give you the score. For me it was both. I told my psychiatrist the other day on what I thought and he agreed that it's somewhere between 20-30 so I assumed about 25.

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