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Hey Ya'all,

made another trip to the er last night.  they contacted dr einstien,(that is who he looks like)  Now the want to take away the pills that are keeping me functional.  Five months ago got slammed by a siezure so bad it knocked my friggen heart rate up to ohhh around 200,  yep 200 , they shipped me for fear of cardiac arrest.

If I have not mentioned that I am a little quirky and highly sick and twisted with my sense of humor, so keep that in mind okay.  They want me to take no more valuim, witch i only take when nothing ealse works and even at that they still have to run me up to are local bandaid stations.  Well now dear Dr. EINSTAIN gave them direction not to give me any more valuim.  I am just to post to wait it out.  So now I am looking at 4 to 8 hours of brain rattling seizers strait from hell.  I get to see my NEW pshyco thereapist on friday.{you know what typing this shit out does not give credibilitly to my hostility, sarcasm ect.}  My good old family doc says my heart should,  yeay I said should be in good enough condition to handle the heart rate skyrocketing .  Well lets just hope so, cuz if  not guess i will be going out of hear in a friggen body bag. ;)

Jesus christ why not just put a friggen gun to my head and play russian roulette.  I am nobodies god dammed ginnypig. I am a person.  I have been doing some research on all this crap and youknow what i found out. this is kind of a new thing, no clinicle test have been proven to be effective and depending on the therapist and the place, they all have different opionions.  What in the hell am i supposed to do know.  god i hate doctors they go to like 8 yrs collage or more and they are still completly ignorant and bias assholes.

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