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Beta blockers

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I use them at least twice a day because my heart rate is 115+. Using them alone, without an benzo, doesn't make much sense to me though. I can't imagine how that would help very much.


I am taking seroquel for anxiety/tourettes/hallucinations and although it helps a little bit I feel that I have to take 100mg 4 times a day for it to be effective.  I have a supply of benzos for panic attacks, but over here you are not allowed to take them everyday no matter how bad your anxiety is. 

I really hope that the beta blockers do something.

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i've tried it, kinda makes me tired (but i'm ALWAYS tired)

however, i find that even with Klonopin I still get physical symptoms like racing heart.  A beta blocker (i tried Clonodine) stops the feeling of racing heart.  Actors use them for on stage.

i;m not a pro on this subject tho ;)

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