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I think my I got my drink spiked last night

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The below is an excerpt from an email I wrote earlier:

Then to the gig. ***** are totally awesome. I've never heard them sounding so good. They don't talk very much, just put their heads down and play an incredible set that totally takes over the entire venue. Unfortunately I drink too much, and this is where it gets sketchy. Sitting here right now I'm thinking my drink was spiked - really. Usually I stop after a certain number of units of alcohol and I am pretty much always in a state to look after myself. But about an hour into their set I get this bad feeling like I need to get home fast because I feel out of control and way too drunk, much much more than normal. After that I have vague memories of being at the station and being helped to my feet by attendants. I remember keeping on falling down. I did get my shit together and get to my feet and get the fuck out of the station because I was scared of being taken to the hospital, and then I threw all my change at a taxi driver who took me to *****, where I am sitting right now, wondering what the fuck happened yesterday. I remember wandering round ***** for about an hour trying to find *****'s house. Damn lucky I found it.

Any idea what I could have been spiked with? It was like being really scarily drunk and nauseous, and on getting to the station I just lost control of my legs. I don't recall ever having felt like it. This is so not good because I have been doing well keeping away from controlled substances and I really don't need another drug episode to wreck my life again. Right now I feel just about ok, just frazzled and a bit derealised, which is a little scary. However, from past experience the long-term effect of taking anything is hard to predict.

I'm not totally ruling out the possibility that it was a consequence of skipping dinner and drinking too fast because I couldn't smoke. But I've really never been in such a state just from drinking. And this particular band is known for substance abuse in fans and band-members. I was hanging out with them before the the gig and they are about the craziest bunch of intergalactic space cowboys I have ever met. Perhaps not the best company for someone like me to keep. Sigh.. I guess it all starts with drinking. I just want the simple life. I should give up drinking or drink less. Think I lost one of my nine lives last night and the memories are very unnerving. Perhaps this will be an impetus to tone it down on the drinking front. Guess I've been getting away with it for far too long.

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