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Hello everyone..I really need some advise!

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Hello to everyone ;)

I'm hoping by posting this lengthy (sorry) letter that someone might be able to advise me or tell me if they have similar symptoms.

I am also starting a diary to see if I can figure out how its triggered

Recently my daughters bf was diagnosed with Epilepsy. To become more familar with this, I started reading online only to find that many symptoms that

were described were similar to what I've been going through for many years. I am definately not a hypocondriac...but for years have been trying to get

answers to what I go through. Recently I was checked for Diabetes and Thyroid. I have been checked in the past for restless leg syndrome and do have that.

The only answer I have gotten is that I have Panic/Anxiety attacks, restless leg syndrome and possibly Traumatic Stress. I honestly think myself, that I have these

weird symptoms and that makes what makes me feel the panic/anxiety.

I do recall times when I was young that I would have a weird visual when lying in bed...it was a huge rock that would come rolling down our hallway towards

my room. Geez writing that is hard...I feel like I am nuts. It was so vivid, it was 3 dimensional. Other then that, I can't remember anything else that would seem

like a symptom. Perhaps there was but I've forgotten. Unfortunately my parents and sibling have passed away so I have no one to ask.

The first time I really remember this all starting was about 18 years ago when I was with my husband on a Reno trip.

I was stressed but excited as well, because it was our first trip together since we'd been seperated for a short time. Lack of sleep, lots of caffeine & alcohol and slot machine

playing started giving me these strange feelings while we were there. I remember having dinner one night after having a day of feeling totally like everything was

surreal or foggy and I kept getting this overwhelming feeling and visual of back handing hubby. I had a sick feeling that I was also going to yell out loud.

This feeling of strangeness still occurs occasionally but has been better with Effexor which was prescribed for depression in 2005. Every once in awhile I still have this visual if I am feeling

funny and I even visulize doing this to complete strangers.

-lights suddenly get brighter and brighter then go back to normal. Looking at bright coloured clothing, like neon solids makes this happen also.

-when walking I sometimes feel like the floor, ground etc is squishy?? mainly this feeling is in my right foot and leg.

-tingling on lips,tongue and chin to the point where my lips feel chapped.

-upper body feels hot, especially my face will feel like its burning.

-both hands shaky, twitching index finger or thumb at times.

-distorted vision...things appear foggy and surreal. This creates a sick feeling in my stomach. Hard for me to talk directly to someone during this..I will feel

like I'm going to burst into tears for no reason.

Also during this time I get the nausea, slight headache which comes and goes and feel like I'm walking off balance and leaning towards the right.

-feelings of electric zaps which go through my head and immediately down my arm to hands and also into my feet. Walking or turning my head causes this. Its almost like

a strobe light effect but comes with the electric zap feeling.

-sometimes as I'm falling asleep I get this rushing sense of doom or death. Also have experienced feeling my body is rocking back and forth..I guess I am half asleep but

can still feel this motion.

-I also have racing thoughts in my head when trying to get to sleep if I am having a spell...I can't seem to connect the thought though. Not sure how to explain that any better.

-some nights when half asleep I continually swallow like I'm trying to clear something out of my throat.

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope you can help.

Take care!!

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the tricky thing about brains is that, when stuff goes wrong, similar symptoms can have different causes. some of what you describe does sound weird, but they don't seem exactly to match any particular type of seizure activity with which i'm familliar. i went through lots and lots of antianxiety/depression treatments before anyone figured out i was having seizures rather than panic attacks, though. which sucked. the only way to get an answer is to make an appointment with a doctor, though -- preferably a neurologist, or someone who can refer you to a neurologist. even neurologists sometimes have trouble distinguishing such things, so it's definitely not possible to reach a conclusion based on a bit of reading, or by asking us. the best advice i can give is: neurologist. (if you're lucky, you'll find one who dances for your amusement. mine does!)

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the tricky thing about brains is that, when stuff goes wrong, similar symptoms can have different causes. some of what you describe does sound weird, but they don't seem exactly to match any particular type of seizure activity with which i'm familliar.

"Tricky" is the word. Halation is right, your next next step should be to seek out a neurologist. Keeping a journal of what's going on in your noggin' is an excellent idea, Joanie...it'll be a huge help to your neuro. when you meet with him/her. As for what you've been experiencing? I'm not personally familiar with anything you've described. I get textbook simple partial and complex partial seizures.

I have no creativity.

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Hi and thanks for all of your comments and support. I will keep a journal for the next few months, then at some point find a neurologist. Its very difficult for me having symptoms that no one can relate too, lol now I definately feel like a weirdo! Thank goodness that I'm not affected everyday, because most days are great and I feel perfectly fine ;) Thanks again...I wish you all the best!

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Now its a long shot but as these meds were for anxiety...perhaps if your on anything its making things worse?

Most things commonly used for anxiety for most people either don't make seizures worse or even can help with them. Benzos actually work as anticonvulsants in general, particularly stuff like Klonopin. Of course, different things affect different people in different ways, but usually...

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