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I've got kind of a wierd lamictal question. I've been on and off of it a bunch of times, because, while it works quite well for me as an AD, without doing any of the wierd things SSRI's do (like turning me into a mixed statey mess, for instance), it can tend to make my hypo. But, my pdoc's telling me I'm getting depressed, and I guess she's right, and that it's better to go ahead and do something about it now, while it's relatively low key, than to wait until it's really bad, or, more likely, to wait until it's set off a whole cycling type thing. So, ok, I'm restarting lamictal. Great. Now, if it were an AD, the plan would be for me to keep it at a really low dose, probably not change any of my other meds, and get off of it ASAP. But since it's not an AD, it's lamictal, she's talking about titrating up to 100mg, tapering Keppra, and staying on it indefinitely. I'm not so crazy about this plan, because of the aforementioned hypo, which tends to be of the extremely unpleasant, irritable, impatient, and downright mean, variety.

So I'm wondering if anyone's tried using lamictal more or less just like an AD? Taking maybe 50mg for just a month or two and then d/c'ing, without other med changes? I know, btw, that Keppra can cause depression, but I really don't think that's what's going on just now, as I tend to get depressed at this time of year, being, um... contrary and wierd that way, I guess, and I've been on it for about a year now, without any problems once we figured out my dosage. So I'm pretty sure this is a seasonal thing.

Also, seems relevant that this is pretty much the only time of year I tend towards depression. Otherwise, tend very much towards the hypo/manic. Dysphorically so. So going back on lamictal at all makes me nervous... not as much as an AD would, but stil... nervous.

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