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weird head pain

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I get migraines (with no aura)... they are generally on the right side of my head at the top.

The other day I got a kind of migrainesque head pain at the very back of my head and down into my neck.

I don't know if it was sore neck, giving me a headache, a sore head giving me a neck ache or some bizarre simple partial seizure (I also suffer from epilepsy).

I had run out of the house in the morning and missed my morning epilim (I think that's depacon to USA folk), which is my treatment for both.

I felt quite funky afterwards, the ache iteslf only lasted a little while, after that it was blissful tingly brain fog and floatyness for a couple of hours.

My neuro set me free to frolic with the lambs and have scripts filled by my GP since its all just maintenence these days... but I keep wondering about it, just because it was different to what i normally get.

Maybe it was just a dehydration headache ;)

Does anyone else get something similar?

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It may be some sort of tension headache, or one due to an injury. You might want to go back and figure out if you recently did something to your neck that it wouldn't have particularly liked. Neck injuries can cause funny mental sensations (more the reason to get that part checked).

Now, I have virtually the exact same headache that you do. In my case, I've been told that it's related to increased intracranial pressure (ICP) from the fluid surrounding my brain (the CSF, or cerebrospinal fluid), and this is for me likely due to a chronic inflammation in my brain and/or meninges (chronic encephalitis and meningitis, respectively). Interestingly, my first headache and neurological episode was diagnosed as "hemiplegic" migraine, an ill-defined migraine variant that may cause specific ("focal") neurological symptoms.

I don't want to scare you, though... the major difference between our symptoms is that you don't have the focal neuro symptoms. However, your "floaty" sensation could be a more general neurological sign. If the headache happens again and you notice anything focal (such as a limb acting funny, your vision going double, etc) --- or, if you have a fever (sign of infectious process), get yourself to an urgent care or ER facility immediately. This may be a sign of infectious meningitis or encephalitis.

I do not know how common the meningitis and encephalitis diseases are in your area, so this just might be paranoia on my behalf - these diseases are as common as dirt where I am (the north central US), so we here get very touchy when someone comes down with such symptoms.

Remember I'm not here to scare you (or even give you medical advice), I'm just presenting my opinion here. Chances are, it's nothing bad, but keep an eye on it just in case.

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