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New subforum for neuro issues?

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hey y'all --

I was wondering if anybody here (admins and mods, moreso) found the idea of a miscellaneous neurological/neuropsychiatric symptom forum to be a useful thing. Right now, most people are putting misc. neuro (and some non-pain-related psychosomatic) symptom issues into the pain forum, and a few in the NOS area. I thought it might be useful to have a subforum about misc. neurological and neuropsychiatric symptoms and disorders. Some examples would be tremors, clonus, non-epileptic seizure; and disorders like MS, stroke, Huntington's, MG, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's; as well as psychosomatic and conversion reactions containing these symptoms or mimicking these disorders.

The major downside of this, from what I see, is that there really aren't many people posting about that stuff right now, and that if material was split off of the pain and NOS subforums onto a misc. neuro forum, one or more of the three might just fizzle out due to lack of participation. It is entirely possible that a neuro subforum would bring more people out of the woodwork to discuss neuro symptoms, but this is up for grabs.

so... shall we discuss the idea?

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some that could go ahead and go with the other seizure stuff. There's not enough traffic to warrent the aditional board so go with NOS. We'll move any posts we think are in the wrong place.

That works. And I completely understand the traffic deal.

Personally, I think the "other neurological syndromes" should go into the pain disorders forum (perhaps changing the name to reflect this), but NOS will work (especially if you've personally spent a lot of time moving stuff from the pain disorder forum to the NOS forum).

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