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Can Paxil work a second time?

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Jerod doesn't seem to think so unfortuanately.  I have had Zoloft work for me a second time after only a 10 month gap, so I am kinda hoping that Paxil will so the same for me. 

It would be for severe anxiety.  I am taking seroquel at the moment but need to take it four times a day for it to be effective.  Even then I still do feel those nerves (though seroquel certainly does help). I would need at least 60mg of Paxil, and would perhaps even need to go that little bit higher.  Effexor isn't very good for my anxiety.

Anyone had any luck with Paxil a second time?

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I went on and off Paxil about three times. I forget how much time elapsed in between. During some of those intervals I was on other meds. Once I was trying to go off all meds.

I mostly dumped Paxil because I could not stand the side effects that I got. I also have anxiety and was up to 40 mg at one point (and looking down the barrel at a higher dose). It could be worth trying again since it is probably the best SSRI for anxiety, although you might need something with it (continue Seroquel, or a benzo).

I was also on the extended release, Paxil CR, but had to quickly stop it because it was too sedating for some reason. I was falling asleep at the wheel. Maybe you would respond better to CR, but I don't know what dosages it comes in.

Although the general rule seems to be that you should avoid returning to a previous AD, YMMV is also true.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


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I was on a low dose, 20 mg for 7 years then only 10 mg for the last 3 years through pregnancy and after when I decided I wanted to try others. Im back on 20 mg now and its kicking in fine with all the side effects. But my brain is back and anxiety is way down after 3 weeks.

I was off for about 5 or 6 months.

Will have to wait and see if the results last, but I will add something and not drop the paxil again, or just try higher doses if needed.

Good luck!

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Yes, I've had Paxil work some a second time. It worked very well the first time, the second not much, and the third it did help enough in combination with other things to keep my head barely above water.


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When did you last take Paxil? I think I remember reading that that matters somehow.


Ohhhhhhh, that would be about..............18months ago.

By the way, when I said that Zoloft worked a second time, it actually worked BETTER than the first time.

I may well give paroxetine a second chance.

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