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Criminally insane

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I just watched a special on CNN called "Criminally Insane".

There are some things that were educational and interesting. There is however one thing they did that I strongly disagree with.

First the good. They outlined in a comprehensive way people fall through the cracks. They either can't get help or refuse help. Unfotunately every story came to a bad end. They also showed the absolutely squallid conditions MI patients live in inside the jail/prison system. Absolutely reprehensible.

What they did I really disagree with was how they seemed to lump people with MI into a violent and deviant group. Schizophrenics, Schizoaffectives, Bipolar people and suicidal people. They forgot the rest of us who are law abiding and generally peaceful.

I understand the need for ratings but when they show a minority who are very violent and ignore the rest.

For the record, I'm schizoaffective, I'm not violent, I'm med compliant, (although the meds are nearly as bad as the illness.) and while I'm disabled now I may re-enter the workforce again.

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