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Why would a doc add back an old med that crapped out?

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I just switched from Cymbalta back to Lexapro. It was necessary to go off Cymbalta because it raised my blood pressure to clinically high levels. However, I went on Cymbalta because Lexapro crapped out on me. Well, now that I'm back on the Lexapro, I'm becoming depressed again. He says that the Lex might work because I wasn't on Lamictal and Wellbutrin before so they might all combine together to produce magical synergistic effects. However, after a month on 10mg of Lex it's clear that it's not enough. We talked about whether to raise it to 15 or 20 and decided on 15, so I started taking that. But really, I'm skeptical that this will work. How much time do you think I should give the 15 before I give up and see him again? Suffering for another month for 15mg of Lex doesn't seem worth it to me. I think I may have unintentionally misrepresented my level of depression because I pretty much go by how I'm feeling at the time he asks me. I'm like, "It's up and down, but lately it's been good so maybe it's kicking in." Had I been depressed when I went to the office, I probably would have said "This isn't working well enough so we need to do something."

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