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LAMICTAL - Save up to $60 on your next 6 prescriptions

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I decided to post this here instead of in the meds section, since the offer is only for people who are prescribed Lamictal for epilepsy. I wouldn't want to get the BP folks excited about saving money when they don't qualify. ;)

Save up to $60 on your next 6 prescriptions of

LAMICTAL for epilepsy!

Sign up now to receive up to 6 checks for $10 each toward the cost of your prescriptions for LAMICTAL for epilepsy. That's a total savings of up to $60! You'll also receive tips and information, like getting a restful night's sleep and balancing your life, so you can keep doing what you love.


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Dude, sweet. I take Lamictal for epilepsy. Oh, wait. I also live in Boston.

Can I use my check even though I have insurance?

Unless you live in Massachusetts, yes, you can use the check toward your co-pay, up to $10.

Can I use the checks if I live in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, the checks are only good if no part of the cost is being covered by insurance.

Oops. That is clearly a bunch of crap. I suppose I'll get over it.

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Thank you so much for this link! My daughter takes Lamictal for epilepsy. I just signed up, and should be receiving my coupons in 2-3 weeks. The co-payments for all her medications and doctor visits are killing me, so this really helps.

Thanks again!


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