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oh boy. more than several times when i have been trying to fall asleep or take a nap, i hear voices in my head.

once, it was so distinct and out of nowhere that it jolted me up. others, it is like i am narrating my dream with full sentences. definitely internal and real sounding.

i am not on an aap. hoping to stay off of one.

i am bp 1 with one manic episode 4 years ago.

at night, not naps, i do have some visuals every once in awhile. more active lately.

maybe it is just stress. but, i thought i would run it by you.

it is not the start of something worse, is it?

thank you!


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yup, resonance is absolutely right. these "hypnogogic" and "hypnopompic" phenomena are also more prominent in those who suffer from narcolepsy (such as myself). I've gotten these voice hallucinations while falling asleep as far back as I can remember. I also tend to get some form of visual hallucination while waking up (namely visualizing my room with several objects out of place or with objects that shouldn't be there).

also interesting is that one's train of thought can become progressively more "psychotic" and random as one gets drowsier. this was particularly amusing for me during early AM lectures back in college, when whilst nodding off, I'd write weird things in my notes (e.g., "DNA transcription is dependent on mRNA, who's an excellent typist for Darwin...").

please do take care though, since although your symptoms are unlikely to be a sign of psychosis, they could be signalling the onset of narcolepsy. now, this is very unlikely (hypnogogic/pompic phenomena occur in everybody on occasion). but, if you have daytime sleeping attacks (narcolepsy's hallmark), please talk to your pdoc or GP immediately. there are many effective treatments out there.

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