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Does Geodon Help with Depression?

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My pdoc wants to increase my Geodon to help with my depression (I am Bipolar 1). I find very little evidence supporting this. Does anyone know if Geodon can help with depression?

I don't know personally but here's what I found:

A very small study done on twenty patients with a combination of Geodon and SSRI:

Ten of the patients responded to the combination treatment, often within a week of the antipsychotic drug's addition. But seven patients withdrew from the study, with four (20%) dropping out because of Geodon-related side effects. The most commonly reported side effects included fatigue and tiredness, sleep disturbance, dry mouth, and restlessness.

So it worked in about half, not counting the people who dropped out, which may have increased it further.

I have found a bit more information, but it all seems to lead back to the same study or one of a few similar studies. They all suggest that augmenting SSRIs with Geodon is successful for some people. I haven't been able to find anything on monotherapy for depression, but it may be helpful. If you looked around I'm guessing this is what you found, also.

I know that Abilify [which, yes is a different medication] made a difference in my depression, and there is very little evidence to suggest that it would do that.

If you don't have many other options right now or don't want to start a new med, I would try it.

Are you hesitant because you just don't want to increase your meds anymore?


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Thank you so much. You were so kind to look up info for me. Yes, I am hesitant to increase it because I know it can cause cognitive dysfunction and can be sedating. Also, I am in early recovery from alcohol addiction and have realized that part of my problem is that I have felt mildly depressed for so long - I am nervous that if I don't find a solution for that soon, I will have problems with alcohol again.

Thanks again.

- Kiki

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I started taking Geodon about 6 weeks ago. It really helped pull me out of my severe depression--still mildly depressed. But now I'm anxious and have strange thoughts. I don't know if this is a side effect of Geodon or coming off of Abilify. However, I feel it's worth it for me. I still need to work on the anxiety with my pdoc. I am taking my PRN valium more regularly for now.


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You posted a while back but I'll respond anyway.

It's a moderate inhibitor of the reuptake of both norepenephrine and serotonin . The manufacturer has stated that this likely makes it effective against the negative effects of schizophrenia. [1] Since it has not been approved for other uses, they are prohibited from making any claims as to its effectiveness in those areas. As the negative symptoms of schizophrenia include many of the same symptoms as bipolar depression, it is logical to conclude that it could be effective for the treatment of other conditions that have those symptoms.

1. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/409730_2

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