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found a good alternative

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i haven't let myself cut on the body where it can be seen in years, and not much where it can't be seen. i'm working hard on teaching my body that i care for it, not that i'm going to hurt it.

but i get the cravings to cut soooo badly. often.

for the pain side of it, i found (refound, finally bought?) the best alternative i know of... a pinwheel... t-kok-1968.jpg

it feels a lot like a very sharp blade but it leaves only little dots, it won't actually cut you when you slide it. it's lovely. it's not quite the same, but it does help.

since my sister sent me one, i have been playing with it and it has lessened the urge to use anything actually harmful.

now for a way around the urge to see my blood...

it's a start anyway.


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What is the use for the pinwheel, i.e., where does one find it? I've been having a particulary rough time of it lately, I don't know that that would work, but it's worth a try.


I was thinking about maybe using pins instead of razors, there could still be the blood aspect, but not quite so much damage.

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also called Whartenburg wheels. doctors use them to test reflexes & your local BDSM shop will usually carry them. i've had trouble finding them in the sewing notions. it's like they are too oldfashioned.

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