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Dipping a Toe in the InSanity Ocean

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I am in my tenth year of treatment for what first started as major depression then panic/anxiety thrown in with a dash of OCD and rounded off with ADD. Have switched Dr and therapist for the first time in 7 years. (That Sh*t Sucks)

I have a very unsupportively supportive family of origin. The help me but blame me, want me to change but criticize anything I do different, always telling me what the problems are but can't come up with a single feasible solution.

I have six kids :) yep you heard right 6 kids: son 19, daughter 14, son 12, son 10, daughter 3, daughter 10 months. One lousy exhusband (abusive) ;) one current estranged husband (narcassistic, possible alcoholic suffering from terminal denial who lives four doors down from me) 2 Newfoundlands, 3 cats, and 9 finches.

Have many many interests can find a one I could make a living out of. In love with coffee and want my own shop (lack capital) currently on disability because my life is sooo full of stressors that my prognosis is well grim.

If it weren't for some of my crazy friends and the fact like I love to laugh, joke and be silly I would probably be something 'cidal!!

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Welcome Cashew. Wow, you've got your hands full. (Among all the others - TWO Newfoundlands, lol? I have experience with them and they are both the sweetest and most stubborn of dogs, IMHO. Not to mention kinda big.)

This is a great place for understanding and support. I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

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