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I've been on Lamictal for Bipolar II since January, up to 200 mg by the end of February.

I also take Klonopin, as needed, up to 3mg a day, but more often than not, I'll just take .5 or even none.  I've been on the Klonopin for almost three years now.

About a month, month and a half ago, I started to get wierd deja vu, about nearly everything.  I've had short-term memory problems since starting the lamictal, so I thought for a while that I was just forgetting that I'd said or done things before, and poeple were just being polite.

At some point a few things happened that I felt positive had happened before, but I am also positive that they could not have - life changing kinds of things.  Now I don't know what's real anymore - I can't recall at all what conversations I've had with people, what I've gotten accomplished at work, what questions I've asked before, what books I've read - everything seems familiar.

The question is, is this a known side-effect of lamictal?  [i can't find anything about it - if anything it's supposed to *cure* deja vu, but probably for people with a different diagnosis than mine.]

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Is prolonged deja vu an indication of any other medical issues that I should ask my doctor about?

Do you know of anything that has helped alleviate this symptom?

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Sure I've read this post already...

Mmm. Not sure, really. Glad you mentioned short term memory probs, as I can't remember what I'm writing about. Also I think I have said stuff, but I haven't, I only thought I did, or I asked something already, but don't remember asking or getting an answer. Is that the lamictal, then?

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this thread is kinda funny because today i had a really vivid deja vu expeirence at werk.  i thought that what we were talking about already happen months ago.  i almost said something, but i forgot what happen...  oh yeah  i am also on lamictal.  and i think i have memory problems, like if some one asks how was your day i don't know, so i guestamate.

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I had deja-vu like a mutha before I ever took meds. Sometimes I would swear they were omens or visions of the past. Seems like they have subsided since I started taking meds.

Oh..and I bought two houses that I dreamed of in the past. When I had deja-vu I knew it was the dream and acted on my hunch. Both buys worked out quite nicely. Goes to show you never know.

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I knew I had seen

this thread before. ;)

I have experienced Deja Vu

most of my life

from a simple

recognition of a place

or situation

To a world stopping blur

that leaves me

stunned as I mesh

into the scene

like having been


knowing everything that will

take place

for several minutes

Yes,I have gone a different way

a time or two.

And I'm still here

so much

for tampering with the


I always thought it was "normal", hee


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