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well I got through this first little therapy trip

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hey ya'll thanks for the advise on my son, i will check out the parenting board.  As for therapy I think it went okay, or he thinks i am totally off my rocker. but he agreed to see me again.  My mother is the one who drives the three hour trip to get me where i need to go. Niether one of us got much sleep last night, and well when that happens, well we get a little goofy.  Like i now know more bout momms sex life,,,,,,,,,bad images.  I got in there and he asked how i was doing, i swear to god i am going to make the guy a tissue box that says SSDD, dreamcatcher, stephen king,,,means same shit different day., we talked a little bit bout this and that, i mean you can only cram so much into an hour. and with the history i have, let me tell you it will take about 5 sessions at least to cover all of them,  and of course he had to ask the stupid question, they always do, want do i want to get out of this, or somthing to that effect,,,,,,,,,MY LIFE WOULD BE A GOOD START, like the way it was five months ago.  I have also agreed to give up the valuim and suffer for hours just for the therapest and the nuro doc.  I am not addicted or any thing like that, but the tone the siezers down, so i am thinking, lord help us all there, that if i don't quit the valuim it will screw up my little journal i am startinng,

when theyy start, how long they last and rate the severity. along with a short statment about what i was doing or thinking at the time they started.  So life around here is going to suck for a little while and i swear to god if i croke from cardiac arrest,  I will haunt dr einstien to his grave.  I also brought up the word forgeting,,,,,,,,i will be talking and then i get stuck and cant think of the word, ususally i just describe it and my husband figures it out for me.  another ex. Is say i go to the kitchen to get the broom,,,,i get there and i have no idea what it was i went in there for in the first place.  I did admit to being severly depressed, after five month and 7 nuroe docs, a cat scan of my head wich required i take my nose studd out,,,,tht hurt, and being unable to go anywhere or work or watch my kids, ect. ect.ec.t,,,,,,,,,,i think anyone would be depressed.  on the brighter side unlike the other 6 nuro docs, and one shrink,,,I don't think these guys will give up and push me to the side or just keep me doped up,  I really feel like they won't quit on me and just lable be a fruit cake.

well thats all for now, thanks for the support and advice on my son, going to find the parent sight now.

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