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Hi there!

I've been checking in to see if there was anything interesting here from time to time, an finally figured out it was time to join. Better late than never!

I'm a 35 year old "boy" from Oslo, Norway. This might explain why the language, even though it is supposed to be English, might read a bit strange. I was diagnosed with epilepsy about ten years ago, and put on Tegretol Retard. With the exception of one seizure i 1999 it kept me free of seizures. The one in 1999 was all my fault as I decided I probably didn't need my medication and quit, besides I was in Australia and needed to see a doctor to get a new prescription. After flopping around on the floor like a fish on land one night I did go see the doctor and got more meds. Then in April last year my neurologist decided I should switch medication to Trileptal Retard, and the world seemed a nicer place, since these pills didn't slow me down as much as the Tegretol did. But after 6 months it stopped working and I had 3 GTK's in one night! It took almost 6 more months before I finally got an appointment to see my neurologist and switch back to Tegretol. In the mean time I managed to develop a bad case of anxiety with lots of anxiety attacks. For that I'm getting Valium, and it kind of works. I'm sleepy 24/7, with the exception of the hour or two after I go to bed at night. So I take sleeping pills as well... After the summer I'll start seeing a psychiatrist, and he'll hopefully get me off the Valium.

Other than that I have problems with vertigo after a viral infection in the inner ear in 2002 and have been on sick leave since then. Luckily for me I live in a country where I still get a decent pay even after close to 3 years and health care is never more than 200 dollars per year. Even my medication, neurologist, MRIs, psychiatrist etc. are now free for the rest of the year.

I have a few questions, but I'll post them where it is appropriate!

Take care!

H. ;)

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Welcome to the boards! I hope you find it comfortable here. It is always nice to have new people from different countries to bring some fresh perspective! Feel free to post whenever you need to.

Sondra  ;)

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