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Lexapro not cutting it anymore....

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Posted similar topic in wrong forum :)

I'm on 20 mg's of lexapro. It's just not doing what I want need it to do for me... I'm not self-injuring, I'm not suicidal, but I'm a freaking lump, I sleep all the time and my social anxiety seems to be creeping into more and more areas. I didn't take any classes this semester so that I could go out and find a better job, but I feel completely unable to do that. I know I'm capable of handling a more challenging job, it's the application/interview process that's the problem...

I don't feel self-destructive, but I don't feel good or do things that need doing. I'm not O.K. with that. The free shrink I have been seeing does seem to be O.K. with that, however ;) .

I go to the free shrink a month from now, which was the soonest appointment they had. This shrink seems to be reluctant to either up my dose or swap meds for me. I'm wondering if I should spend what is for me a week's pay to see a psychiatrist who's willing to be a little more aggressive. If she doesn't do something this time, I'm obviously going to have to go see someone else.

I'm probably going to ask for either Paxil or Cymbalta. I know Paxil has nasty withdrawal effects, like zoloft, only longer. I came off of Zoloft cold-turkey on my then-doc's advice...it was like being stoned in a bad way. I know that Cymbalta has the potential to cause nausea-which I seem to be good at getting these days (it's the theophylline).

Got any comments or suggestions?

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It almost sounds like maybe your dose of Lexapro is too high, not too low. It's usually pretty neutral with respect to being activating or sedating.

Have you tried Wellbutrin? It's out in generic form now in all of its formulations. It helped me a lot with the motivation and concentration problems. It felt good to be able to actually DO something, not just get by. I take it with an SSRI, Zoloft.

Do you have some kind of prescription coverage? Cymbalta is still under patent and is very pricy. Effexor, also an SNRI at higher doses, is available in generic and might be helpful.

Definitely, yes, see a different psychiatrist if you can. It sounds like your current one is just going through the motions. The first appointment will be expensive though, and will last about an hour.

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I did try wellbutrin... Because I also take theophylline for my asthma, I had the most spectacularly bad gastric side effect I have ever had on wellbutrin- imagine the worst hangover you've ever had, mix liberally with a migraine, and multiply by a factor of five.

I'm on the paxil now, and I am feeling better, if not necessarily much more motivated. I think I don't go out more because I'm afraid to go out more.

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