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;) they need a little smile that say do whaaat

wow, they can actually tell you the sudden unexpeted death shit.  Damn that sucks.  Although i didn't know the word for it, that is what i am scared of when they take all the shitty meds away that keep me functional, my heart rate will jump up over 200 again and thats with the meds, and I will cardiac arrest or someshit, in fact I have wrote one of julies rants, about dr. einstien  real name osario or somthing but he looks like einstien, when i was in kc med i heard the v tac or someshit, and watch er enough to know that sucks,  they had the cardiac team on the way when i came out of it, woke up saw my doc for the first time and thought i might be in heaven and einstien was there to meet me, then i realized that half the friggen hospital was in my room and i was alive.  My phamily doc says i shouldn't worry I am young enough that my heart should,,,yep he said should be able to handle it.

what kind of shit it that.

by the way i am a comedy freek. so when i say, OH MY GOD, THEY CAN DIAGNOSE THAT,  imagain that being said by jeff foxworthy okay, cuz typing sucks cuz you can't tell the tone or sarcasm or anything

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For what it's worth...there's a whole page here on SUDEP: www.crazymeds.us/anticonvulsantsSUDEP.shtml. It lists risk factors.

And your heart STOPPING is way more likely to cause it than your heart rocketing. On my EEG my heart rocketed and I was fine, if totally worn out. When I died for 60 seconds, my heart STOPPED. Every SUDEP scare Ive had, my heart STOPPED or did whacky things and my breathing has been off.

Come to think of it, breathing is way more likely to kill me than my heart. And MOST SUDEP is breathing Issues.



Did it make the middle of your chest hurt?

The lack of breathing, I mean, not the Jerod pummeling it.


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