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Tegretol sexual side effects?

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My husband is about to add a small dose (200mg) of tegratol to his depakote and wellbutrin med regime.  He was on zyprexa for almost 2 yrs and lost most, if not all his desire for sex.  He quit the meds altogether because of this, and is scared shitless of this happening again with the new meds.  He has been on depakote er 1500mg (upped to 2000mg today) and wellbutrin xl 150mg (downed to 75mg today) for 3 weeks and has had no prob with desire, in fact he's more than fine.  But he has had the "intrusive, racing thoughts" that come with mania and the pdoc thinks he needs something extra for the mania.  We've read the "sexual side effects" thing on crazymeds, but it doesn't list tegratol as a major offender in this department, just the run of the mill for mood stab. meds.

Any info and feedback about this will be appreciated, until then we'll just enjoy the ride till it's over, if that's the case!



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When I first starting taking Tegretol I had the pleasure (or was it my girlfriends pleasure?) to be able to perform for a lot longer than before. Since then everything has stabilized, and I can't say the Tegretol does anything to screw up my desire to or ability to have sex. Even on 1800mg/day there was no problem. (Off cource I was single at the time, but still no problem, if you get what I mean.)

Take care, and good luck!


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