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I'm really enjoying my lamictal. I don't remember the last time I felt so good. I've had a couple of bad days this past week, but overall I feel really good. I've been taking 200mg for a few days, and my pdoc wants me to stay here for now.

My boyfriend and I want to stop using condoms so I'll have to go back onto birth control. I went off a few months ago just because. I was on Microgestin FE (I think that's the way it's spelled), and I assume the good folks down at planned parenthood would continue me with that. I had been on Ortho Novum since I was 15 until I was 23. It started to not work and I was having a lot of breakthrough bleeding.

My pdoc told me that Lamictal can cause breakthrough bleeding, and from what I hear on t3h int3rw3b, it can also make the birth control less effective, and vice versa.

So does anyone have any experience with this? If I up my Lamictal and choose a stronger birth control (I was told that Microgestin(?) was prescribed more for menstrual regulation than pregnancy prevention), will I be okay? Should I wait for a longer time before engaging in unprotected sex? Is unproteced sex even possible?

I just doubt that the local gynocologists will know much about the effects of Lamictal, and that perhaps my pdoc won't have enough expertise on the effectiveness of birth control (all he mentioned to me was that Lamictal can cause breakthrough bleeding, but he mentioned nothing about increasing Lamictal dosages or BCP effectiveness).

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